A World of Wisdom
Well, I suppose thanks are in order. Those Ravens can be most unpleasant. They really get under my feathers!
Hey! You're one of the Black Eagles! The ultimate Eagle Scholars! ""Pure knowledge above all else"". I didn't think there were any left!


When you place study and research above eating and sleeping, your numbers do tend to dwindle. But, a few of us are still around.
My name is Ehboni. You'll find an opening to our temple up ahead. I'll meet you there - I just need a moment to gather my notes.
Would you look at this place?! It's huge! This is like no temple I've ever seen!


  • Visit the Temple of Knowledge
Location Info
Start Location: Eagle's End
End Location: Eagle's End
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 5213
Items Won: 2 Chi
Mission Progression

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