Back Crawl
So, you've come crawling back! Haven't learned your lesson yet?
I have some unfinished business here, so I suggest that you mind your own, er, business!
Yeah, well, we're here to put you out of business!
Look, it's bad enough for you that King Cragger's got you in his sights, but if you mess with CROOLER's plans-
Crooler? Cragger's sister? What does she have to do with this?
Ah, er, I mean, uh, we'll be a lot 'crueler', CRUELER - yeah, if you don't,er- Oh, forget it! Let's fight!
You may have won this round, but good luck getting around after we destroy the bridges! Nyah-ha-ha!
There he goes again. But, what is he up to? Crocs never used to go so deep in this forest. And how does Crooler figure into this?
  • Defeat Crawley
Location Info
Start Location: E'erwood
End Location: E'erwood
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 425
Items Won: 2 White 1x1 Brick
Mission Progression

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