Bad Bird
Tell us where the Tears of Cavora are, bookworm, or RIZZO will keep you in this cage for as long as it takes.
But, I am sworn to protect this knowledge from the likes of you. Bit of a conflict, you see?
Rizzo's Ravens are all over your precious Temple of Knowledge. They'll find the information we need, sooner or later!
They're being controlled by those plants.


Mind-controlled? Rizzo doesn't think so! Rizzo just wants the big fat reward that Reegull promised. And Rizzo means to get it!
Look out, Commander - here he comes!


You'll regret that! No one cheats Rizzo the Raven out of a bounty!
I wouldn't worry, Commander. You can't even trust a Raven to make good on a threat.


  • Defeat Rizzo
  • Free Ehboni
Location Info
Start Location: Eagle's End
End Location: Eagle's End
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 6543
Items Won: Storm Rage
Mission Progression

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