The Bear Clinic is a building which creates bear medics to help you in battle. It is also the most expensive building in the game that costs studs to build.

Level 1

Bear Clinic LV1

Construction cost: 750,000 studs
Construction time: 1 hr
Sell for: 500,000 studs
Description: The Bear Clinic will let you train Novice Bear Medics to bring into battle.

Bear Medic Stats:
Construction cost: Reddish Brown 1x1 Brick, Dark Green 1x2 Brick
Construction time: 1 hr
DPS: 72 Heal
Damage: 116 Heal
Attacks per second: .63

Level 2

Upgrade cost: 900,000 studs
Construction time: 4 hr
Sell for:
Description: The Level 2 Bear Clinic will let you train Bear Medics to bring into battle

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