A Chi Orb ingame

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Chi released ingame

The CHI is the main resource in Chima. A player can use CHI to destroy objects and creatures around themself and gain a temporary power boost and invincibility. A player can also use CHI to activate portals. CHI Orbs are rare loot obtainable by slaying enemies, or by chatting with Laval when one first joins. Description

CHI is an ultra-potent natural resource that flows through the Sacred Waters of Chima, giving life and energy to much of the Kingdom. It contains the raw power of nature in a condensed form, and, under the right conditions, releases that power for use by the citizens of Chima.

It starts out looking like magical water, as it flows down from the floating Mount Cavora, and into the Cavora River. Its powers are mostly inert until it reaches the Sacred Pool of Chi, guarded by the Lions. Here the Chi mixes with the unique minerals in this one-of-a-kind pool to form glowing, blue orbs of CHI. It can be discretely stored in pockets or containers for limited amounts of time, and used when needed. Chima warriors often carry an “emergency” Orb of Chi with them, but only utilize its power when absolutely necessary.

Chi Orbs channel the awesome power of nature into engines, motors, weaponry, and so on. Most inhabitants of Chima wear a special harness over their shoulders and chest that is specifically designed for holding Orbs of Chi. When a creature places the Orb into his or her harness, the Chi gives that user an instant surge of life and power. It enhances that animal’s inherent instincts, powers, and abilities, connecting it with its most primal animal state. These creatures may also experience increased speed, strength, and stamina.

In vehicles and machines, Chi Orbs can last several hours or several days, depending on how much power the mechanism requires. But eventually the Orb will be depleted – its glow will fade, and, finally, it will evaporate, returning to nature once again. In individual animals, the Chi burst of power continues for several hours, but it is incredibly draining. Thus, the Chi Orbs are used sparingly… unless there is a battle on.

Chi has many unique qualities and rules that affect the entire Kingdom of Chima. There can never be too much or too little Chi in the Sacred Pool, or Chima will suffer catastrophic natural disasters. The balance of Chi affects the entire natural balance of Chima. Thus, the Sacred Pool can never be drained or allowed to overflow. This means limiting the tribes’ use of Chi, but also ensures that the Chi is regularly being used. This is why the Lions ALWAYS distribute the Chi to the tribes, even when some of these tribes are their enemies. They can’t just dump the Chi to  balance the flow. They MUST ensure that the Chi is used, or else the Kingdom of Chima will fall out of balance and suffer untold calamities.[1]


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