Consumables are items that can be used to regain health during a battle. There's one place in the user interface where the player can stick a stack of Bananas, for example. Clicking on it will result in regaining a few hit points depending on the consumable.

Consumables are dropped when one smashes enemies, and sometimes in a chest. Poisons have the same effect as Life drops.

Consumables List

Below is a list of the consumable types available in game and a short description.

Icon Name Description Level
Banana Eat this to restore 20 hit points. 1
Green Apple Eat this to restore 40 hit points. 3
Croissant Eat this to restore 90 hit points. 6
Sausage Eat this to restore 150 hit points. 9
Drumstick Eat this to restore 225 hit points. 12
Cherry Eat this to restore 300 hit points. 15
Tasty Fish Eat this to restore 400 hit points. 18
Pretzel Eat this to restore 500 hit points. 21
Pumpkin Pie Eat this to restore 600 hit points. 24


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