Cranky Croc
So, you thought you could double-cross us, huh, Reegull?
I tried to hold up my end, but those meddling kids got in the way!


No more excuses! It's bad enough that I have Crooler breathing down my neck - now, Cragger - King Cragger - is getting suspicious!
He's not the only one!


You again! You've been a thorn in my side for too long. This ends here!
I've had it! I'm going back to Cragger! King Cragger! My king!
We took care of Crawley but Reegull got away - and there's no telling where he went this time!


  • Defeat Crawley
Location Info
Start Location: The Stones Steppes
End Location: The Stones Steppes
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 3 Medium Lilac 1x2 Brick
Items Won: 5859
Mission Progression

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