Double Trouble
Rhinos don't work for nobody!
Except other Rhinos!
Well, yeah, except other Rhinos.
Hey, Rukus, who are we working for again?
You know! The Crocs! The Crocs! They promised us rocks!
Rocks from the Crocs! Croc rocks! Heh-heh.
C'mon, Runk, let's turf out these trespassers!
Look out, Commander! They're going to charge!


Hey, Rukus, this is starting to be not fun.
Yeah, who needs the Crocs and their stupid rocks, anyway! We can get our own rocks!
Yeah! Stupid Croc rocks! Heh-heh. Croc rocks.
Clearly those two are not the masterminds behind the plant plot. But, who is? And what are they up to?
  • Defeat Rukus
  • Defeat Runk
Location Info
Start Location: Dismal Bog
End Location: Dismal Bog
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 1413
Items Won: 2 Sausage
Mission Progression

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