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Eglor is a member of the Eagle Tribe. He is very skilled at calculating where to fire weapons. Description

A master of ballistics and primitive rocketry, Eglor is the Eagle's "gadgetbird." If given enough time, Eglor can
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calculate the exact speed and trajectory needed to launch a pebble halfway across Chima so it completely incapacitates its target. In his feathery claws, the smallest twig can have the explosive impact of a missile. The only problem is: his aeronautical calculations take so long that the battle is usually over by the time he fires his stick-and-stone missiles. Most of the time his "deadly" assault lands on a completely empty battlefield, long since cleared of opponents. He doesn’t have a calculator either, so his equations are scrawled halfway across eagle mountain with chalk. The other Eagles must warily tiptoe around his scribbles lest they erase some of them and cause a miscalculation that makes his missiles radically misfire. That happens more often than the Eagles like to admit.