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A Heart

Life or Health is a power-up in LEGO Legends of Chima Online and are sometimes dropped by enemies. They appear as a 3D heart with a red mist surrounding them. If a player runs out of life, they will smash and respawn at the Checkpoint they last crossed. Their life is shown as a health meter on the top left side of the screen.

Losing Life

Players can lose life in a variety of ways listed below.

Attacked By Enemy

When an enemy attacks a player, the player will lose health. How much is determined by the damage of the enemy's weapon. 


In some areas such as Raven Rift, there are numerous traps here and there. Players would lose health if they were to be near it when it was activated. Usually, these are easy to avoid and not much health will be lost. Examples include delayed explosives and dropping harzards. They are similar to obstacles.


Obstacles are found in all areas and some types will take away health if a player has contact with it. The health taken away varies from obstavle to obstacle. Sometimes, an obstacle can be deactivated via a switch or gadget. Below are a list of harmful obstacles.


Spikes are obstacles that are found on the ground and the spikes themselves will pop up from time to time. Players will lose health if they have contact with the spikes while crossing the trap. The health taken away varies from place to place, increasing with the level of the area.

Gassy Plants

Some plants emit a greenish odor which block players when going to the other side. They are always found in groups of four, one for each cornor. If a player has contact with the odor, they will lose health little by little until they lose contact.  The gases can be blown for a few seconds so the player can cross using a Tornado.

Rotating Spikes

These will take away health if touching a player/NPC. They  will appear as either one-sided or double sided. Turning Spikes will usually rotate around and around, sometimes stopping and turning back. Not all will rotate a complete 360 degrees.

Gaining Life

As well as losing life, there are a few ways to gain life either by increasing the total amount of health or recovering the lost life points.


Consumables are food items that restore an amount of health onto the player if eaten. The amount of health of health varies but the higher the level the food item is, the more health it restores. Consumables include Bananas, Green Apples, Croissants, Chicken Wings, Cherries and Tasty Fish.


For more on Armor, see Armor

Players can also wear armor to increase their total amount of health. The amount varies from piece to piece and some may even decrease the total amount instead of increasing.