1x1 Brick Farm1x2 Brick FarmA Mine for Your Own
A Mounting ConcernA Shocking DiscoveryA Sight for Soar Eyes
A World of WisdomAdvanced BlacksmithAmassed from the Past
An X-Cellent OpportunityAnother Brick in the HaulArmor
Around the BlockBack ArmorBack Crawl
Bad BirdBad SeedsBazooka Weapons
Be MinerBear ClinicBear Tribe
Beaver TribeBeta Test PhaseBeyond Re-Poach
Beyond the PaleBirds of a FeatherBlacksmith
Blade of the UnderworldBlaster WeaponsBloom or Bust
Blueprint for a BlacksmithBody ArmorBrick Mine
Brick by BrickBricksBricks for the Quick
Building InstructionsBuildingsBursting into Tears
Charge!ChatChecking Out the Competition
CheckpointChi (Chima Online)Chima
Clean SweepComing to RoostConsumables
CraggerCranky CrocCrawley
Creepy CrawleyCroc of the WalkCrocodile Tribe
CrominusCroolerCrop Busters
CrugCry WolfCurrency
Cut to the ChaseDoor to DoorDouble Trouble
Doubling UpDungeonEagle Tent
Eagle TribeEcho GulleyEglor
Elevated AccessEquilaEris
EwaldEwarFeathered Foe
Follow Your NoseFollow the Building Brick RoadForest of Falling Leaves
Fox TribeFriends ListGadgets
GatewayGet a GripGift Return
GoalGorilla TribeGorzan
HeadgearHigh Five!High Flyers
Higher LearningHivesHungry, Hungry Hybrids
In SecurityIn Two DeepIn the Bark Room
Inside InformationInstant ShopItems
LEGO Legends of Chima OnlineLEGO Legends of Chima Online WikiLagravis
LavalLavertusLeader of the Pack
Leading the ChargeLegend BeastLeggings
LifeLion MarketLion Tent
Lion TribeLongtoothLoot Chests
Making WindMapMeans to an End
Melee WeaponsMembershipMinifigure
Missing IntelligenceMissionMobilizing
Moved to TearsNPCsNeighborly Advice
Networking 2.0NinjagoNinjago games
Numb SkullsOn the ProwlOpen House
Opposing CampsOutpostPersuader Plants
Persuading the PersuadersPlayable TribesPlayer Slang
PlovarPlus One Makes EightPoisons
Port of CallPortalPortal to Portal
Pre-Emptive PortingPrint of ThievesPutting Out Fires
Racing to Beat the CrocRaven GateRaven Tribe
ReabaitReduced Two TearsReegull
Rhino GateRhino RoutRhino Tribe
RizzoRoad to RuinsRock of Ages
Rubble YellRukus and RunkRunk
Shedding TearsShop Before You ChopShoulder Armor
Skunk TribeSmashablesSmashed
Smugglers' DenSome Assembly RequiredSpeedorz
Stud CollectorSub MarinesSuit Yourself
Supply and RemandSurprised VisitorsSweet Sixteen
Take It to the Next LevelTaking InventoryTax Collector
Tears of CavoraTemple FugitThe Chosen Spew
The Chosen Spew TooThe Crafty CommanderThe Enemy of my Enemy
The Great DivideThe Seat of Their PlantsThe Shadow Hills
The Short Road HomeThe VaultThem's Fighting Birds
Third Time's the CharmTonicsTop Dog
Traveling ForestTricky TreasuresUnder Achiever
Uneasy AllianceUp and ArmedVault Into the Past
WakzWarner Bros. Games MontrealWeapon Engineer
Weapon of WonderWeapons (Chima Online)Where Wolves
Wild ThingsWilhurtWinzar
Wipe Away a TearWolf TribeWorlds
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File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 11 Dirty SwampFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 12 Ancient RuinsFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 13 Nothing can stop me
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 14 Search for lootFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 15 New territoriesFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 16 Raven´s hideout
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 17 Environmental issuesFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 18 Raven´s DungeonFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 19 The reunion
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 1 Building OutpostFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 20 Exploring the unexploredFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 21 treasure hunting
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 22 The incriptionsFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 23 The plant gardenFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 24 Forcing the way through
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 25 Wolf´s CaveFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 26 No cages for meFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 27 Regull´s comeback
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 28 The Fedder in actionFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 29 Wolf campFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 2 Mine crafting
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 30 The TraitorFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 31 Underground EntranceFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 32 The Temple of Knowledge
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 33 The First TearFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 34 The Second TearFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 35 The last tear
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 36 The legendary three eaglesFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 37 The jungle of mysteriesFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 38 Raven Camps
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 39 Ravens everywereFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 3 Attack the crocs!File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 40 More plants
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 41 The land of pieceFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 42 No traps for this birdFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 43 The power of the eagles
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 44 Friend tourFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 4 Crawler´s revengeFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 6 Jungle exploration
File:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 7 Croc attackFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 8 Collecting upgrades BonusFile:Lego Chima Online (Closed Beta) Part 9 Dungeon Hideout
File:Lego Chima Online Beta - ExploringFile:Lego Chima Online Open Beta Part 1 The adventure beginsFile:Lego Chima Online Open Beta Part 2 Hey crocs look this way
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