All three different types of Loot Chests built in LEGO Digital Designer

Loot Chests are interactive objects that a player can open by moving their cursor over it and clicking on it. Chests can contain Items, Building Instructions, Consumables, Bricks, Health, and on rare occasions, Chi.


Loot chests of all sizes can be found throughout Chima, and are currently available in The Forest of Falling Leaves, The Great Divide, and in Dungeons.

Loot Chest Types

There are three different types of loot chests, dropping up to 4 items when opened.

  • Huge loot chest - drops 3-4 items
  • Large loot chest - drops 3-4 items
  • Small loot chest - drops 3-4 items

Other Known Facts

Loot Chests of all types close back up in 20 minutes after they have been opened, and can then be opened again for more loot.

All loot chests are player-specific, meaning that if someone opens a chest from their point of view, the same chest that you see on your screen will not be affected.

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