Missing Intelligence
Ha! Looking for your friend? Well, you're too late! The Crocs found him first! Huh-huh!
Yeah, yeah, you see this map here? That's where they took him!
Ghah! That was stupid. You told them where he is!
Relax! The place is surrounded by poisonous plants, remember? And you can't get past them without The Tornado-
Quiet, dummy! You almost told them that you need to build THE TORNADO to get past the plants!
Don't worry! They don't have the building instructions, we do!
Oh, that's right! They'd have to beat us to get them!
Well, Commander, you heard them - I guess you'll have to beat them!
I don't think their minds we're being controlled - that would require a mind. Anywho, let's get these instructions to Lothar, yeah?
  • Defeat Rukus
  • Defeat Runk
Location Info
Start Location: Cutler's Reach
End Location: Cutler's Reach
Total Studs:
Total Gold Bricks:
Total XP: 5213
Items Won: Tornado
Mission Progression

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