The Raven tribe

The Raven Tribe is a tribe in LEGO Legends of Chima Online. Its home is likely Echo Gulley. It is unlikely that players will be able to join this tribe.

Members of the Raven Trible



Grand Thief Master of the Ravens, Rawzom is not above petty thievery when the mood strikes him. He’s slick and practiced – be sure to double-check your pockets if he gets anywhere near! In addition to his petty larceny, Rawzom has excellent eyesight, making him a perfect tracker from high above CHIMA.


A self-centered opportunist, Razar never does ANYTHING that doesn’t somehow benefit Razar. Be suspicious if he ever appears “generous” because he’s almost certainly working some kind of angle. At least he’s predictable – he will always do the most greedy and selfish thing possible. He has allied himself with Cragger not because of any philosophical sympathies, but because he saw it as the most profitable path to take. Every conflict has its spoils, and Razar has his eyes on snatching up as many of them as possible. Besides, Laval is too much of a “goody two-paws” for him. Will Razar ever see the error of his ways? It depends – is there any money in it? If so... maybe. Razar is a pure mercenary who will fight for the highest bidder... and then steal all their weapons when they’re not looking.


Rizzo is a scruffy scavenger with ragged fur and an eyepatch, and prides himself on being “the bottom of the bottom feeders.” Even Ravens have a slight bit of dignity, but not Rizzo. He has proudly nicknamed himself the “Shah of Shamelessness.”


Razcal is the Raven tribe’s accountant. All Ravens steal, but not all of them count. That’s where Razcal comes in. He keeps track of everything the Ravens pilfer, and figures out its value (adjusting for inflation and other “market forces”). It’s important for the Ravens to get a sense of where they are in the continuum of crime. The Ravens derive a lot of status from their ability to steal early and often, so Razcal’s “official count” is often the barometer of success within the Tribe. Without him, they’d just be thieves. WITH him, they can be “Master Thieves.”


Reabait is a Raven who sells various Items. His shop is set up next to the Portal Pad on the Outpost of all players.

LEGO Club Magazine Description

ClubMagazineIcon LEGO Club Magazine Description:

Thieves and worse, the ravens will buy and sell anything and work for whoever pays them the most CHI.