Rukus is a member of the Rhino Tribe and the brother of Runk. He always appears with his brother. He first appears in a dungeon with crocodiles, then later appears in the Forest of Falling Leaves holding the instructions for the Tornado.

Unlike Wilhurt, Rizzo, and their subordinates, Rukus is not under control of Persuader Plants. Instead, he is working on the Crocs to get rocks.

Boss Fight

Rukus and Runk together guard one of the tears of Cavora. As a boss fight the pair can be very challenging to players who are not prepared. The battle takes place in an arena surrounded by and filled with various spike traps. Unlike normal spike walls that hinder progress, these permanently-active traps will constantly damage any player or enemy that walks or is pushed into them. In this fight, Rukus carries his Reaver axe and clubbius, while Runk carries his signature Rock Lobber. Rukus will attempt to follow and attack the player with melee attacks while Runk will keep his distance and continuously fire rockets at players. Rukus has a small chance of stunning players, while Runk's rockets will always knockback players in a wide area of effect. Smashing Rukus at any time will cause four Rhino medics to spawn, while smashing Runk will spawn two dual-wielding club guards.


The main difficulty in this fight will be Runk. At all times he will attack the player from a distance and will knock back the player, often into one of the many spike pits around the arena. His attacks are not particularly fast or strong, but they cannot be dodged and will frequently leave the player in a difficult position. Rukus, on the other hand is much quicker and will attack the player up close, occasionally stunning them. It is helpful to keep Runk distracted (bee hives work especially well) or to smash him as quickly as possible to eliminate the threat. A quick and efficient way of dealing with either boss is to lure them near a spike trap and push them in with a knockback weapon. Though the spikes will not outright defeat either Rhino, but the damage they deal is significant and being in the pit will keep either boss stunlocked until they are pushed back out. Note that if Rukus is defeated before Runk, the four Rhino medics will spawn, making the remainder of the battle especially difficult.

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