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Speedorz are vehicles used in the Land of Chima. Description

CHIMA is a very large realm, which takes a long time to cross if your only transportation is by foot (or wings, if you have them). Long ago, the animals collected rocks that had fallen from Mount Cavora and carved them into wheels of extraordinary strength and power. They fitted these to small chariots and called them Speedorz.

The wheels are part of nature, and draw most of their energy from it. The wheels are always strongest in the lush jungles, verdant hills, and moss-covered canyons of CHIMA – wherever there is abundant life and growth. However, they struggle to move in barren landscapes or deserts.

There is an official level of Speedor sports with sanctioned competitions that fill the Grand Arena of CHIMA, although some of CHIMA’s younger creatures sneak off to the rugged canyons and jungle backroads of the Shadow Hills for a fun and fast thrill ride. The Grand Arena of CHIMA is located on a massive, flat, moss-covered patch in front of the Lion Temple. When competitions are held, the arena is literally transformed by the power of “Golden Chi Orb” into a variety of intense tracks and competition courses. The rare Golden Chi is powerful enough to change the land itself, dramatically raising or lowering it, as well as building natural obstacles made of vegetation and rocks. Every tribe, no matter how great their differences, always sends a team of riders to compete for the Prize – that single, powerful orb of Golden Chi. Victory is a source of tribal pride for weeks following the contest.

Tribes also occasionally use the tournament to settle minor disputes and diplomatic conflicts. The Grand Arena competitions are officially about sports, but they can also be seen as an alternative to tribal combat. Rather than fight on the battlefields, tribes can settle their difference in the Speedor runs. For many years, the Speedor competitions were an incredibly civilized and efficient means for dispute resolution, but new tensions are escalating conflicts past what can be resolved in the Grand Arena.