A Tax Collector is the building that generates the largest number of studs per hour. A Tax Collector costs 20 Gold Bricks to build and requires you to be level 10 to build it.

Level 1

Description: Your Tax Collector can produce a large amount of studs. One is good - but more is better!
Construction cost: 20 gold bricks
Time to construct:
Production reward: 110,000 studs
Production time: 8 hr Sell for:

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Sell for: 220,000 studs

Level 5

Description: A level 5 Tax Collector is a master at producing massive amounts of studs - what more could you want?
Upgrade cost: 180,000 studs
Upgrade time: 1 day
Production reward: 450,000 studs
Production time: 1 day
Sell for:

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