Since by now most players have become aware of the fact that each of the three bosses drops a guaranteed gold loot drop, I figured it was best to share my tips and tricks for how the saavy treasure hunter should go about obtaining them.

First let me set one thing straight, the purpose of these tips is NOT to help players finish bosses for the first time, but rather help them take care of them for the second, third, fourth and so on... until you get what you're looking for.

As we speak more gold-items are being discovered, so I cannot say for sure exactly how much is out there, but I'll list what does exist and where to find it, as well as the fastest way to finish the boss standing between you and a shot at your own treasures.

Part One: Tools of the Trade

By now you should have accumulated plenty of HP and your max should be well over 1,000 by now.

Here is a handy list of extremely useful equipment you should look into obtaining:

The Doom Smith

Everyone has one, you should too. This should NOT by any means be your default weapon, but if you don't have anything else with added knockback for dealing with Rukus/Runk, this can sometimes do the trick. Abandon it for something better when you get the chance!

The Bazooklaw

While knockback on a melee weapon is BAD, knockback (and AoE) on a blaster a good, VERY good. The Bazooklaw (either the level 18 version which can range from 115-130 DPS or the level 20 gold version which has multiple variants) is your all-purpose blaster. It is incredibly useful for crowd control, keeping melee attackers at bay, and chipping away the HP of bosses. I would suggest this as a potential primary!

If you cannot obtain a level 20 Bazooklaw, consider hunting down a supreme blaster of push back, supreme slugga of push back, or supreme spark arc of push back.

Hive Launcher

Level 17 or higher, doesn't necessarily matter though, you're going to be focusing on the DURATION of the bee hive effect, not the damage. This is a must-have secondary for many situations, though is optional for certain fights if you can compensate for not having it. What makes it so special? Well the ability to single out any enemy on screen and keep it away from you, keep it from attacking, and put in significant damage all at the same time (and some launchers can keep these enemies juggled indefinitely if used properly) is something that should not be ignored. Sure they're slow, and they don't have AoE fear like swamp gas launchers, but they always work. Period. Keep one in hand at all times, as the variety of ways it can be used is shocking. This will make Rukus and Runk much easier as well!

Bear Medics

These fellows can turn you into a veritable tank, depending on their level. Keep them in pocket if you want to make survival a sure thing

Cherries and Fish

(Not at the same time of course) These are your basic healing items, keep a large supply of both at all times and switch back and forth between them to allow your stock of the other to recover.

A Good Beat Stick

Anything will do really - high damage, melee weapons. You'll be using these (if you aren't wielding a Bazooklaw) to do the bulk of your damage. Good add-ons to have are stunning, zapping, barbs, storm, or such. BAD add-ons to have include fear and knock back; you want to actually hit things with these, not make them run away, which is why the Doom Smith sucks...

Part Two: The Baddies

Here's a comprehensive list (by tribe) of what you're going to be in for.

The Rhinos


He has a lot of HP, swings hard, and runs fast. He WILL catch up to you and he CAN stun you. He is immediately identifiable by his cape, armor, axe and club. He's the one with all the loot so if you want to smash and grab, focus on this fellow.


The bane of your existence, this guy has a Rock Lobber, and boy is it the single most annoying thing you will ever see. This modified Rock Launcher will ALWAYS knock you back, will ALWAYS prevent you from moving or attacking (while being knocked back), will ALWAYS connect, even if Runk's offscreen, and will almost ALWAYS put you into a spike pit. While this doesn't *hurt* much, getting put into a spike put WILL put a massive drain on your resources and will make you Rukus' punching bag. Keep him out of the way at all times or you WILL be sorry.

Rhino Medic

These spawn after Rukus is smashed and always spawn in groups of four, one at a time. Only four will spawn, and frankly, four is already too many. If you can't keep these fellows under control, consider taking your loot from Rukus and running while you still can. Smashing these guys while they group-hug heal each other is nearly impossible without creative use of spikes, stunning, and such. They aren't afraid to heal Runk, either.

Rhino Brawlers

These guys have two clubs each, they have decent HP, and deal decent damage. They spawn when Runk goes down, so only worry about them if you intend on smashing Runk instead of distracting him.

The Wolves


His name's a bit of a lie, to be honest. He has plenty of HP, is plenty fast enough, and will follow you across the arena at all times to attack, but he doesn't do all that much damage or attack all that quickly. He does however have a massive pack of wolves to back him up. He can occasionally be confused with his elite guard, but the obvious tell should be his cape and axe. They're the ones who should be called Wilhurt...

Wolf Medic

There's only one, he only spawns at the start of the match, and he doesn't have too much HP. Yay. Take him out quickly. Wields a healing beamer and blaster and is easy to pick out of the crowd.

Elite Wolf Guard

This guy's as much of a threat as Wilhurt, has a bit of HP (not as much as Wilhurt does) and will also hunt you down. He's a one-time spawn and dual wields some fancy weapons. Get him out of your hair if you don't want him slowly mauling you.

Wolf Guards

These are blue-colored dual-wielding guards. They carry fangiuses and have a little more HP than most wolves. They will NOT spawn if their respective tent is destroyed... so destroy it.

Wolf Grunts

Melee-wielding wolves, they spawn in pairs from one of the tougher tents. They aren't particularly strong or dangerous, but come in groups. Two hits should take them down.

Blaster Wolves

These make up the bulk of the pack. Two spawn out of the other tougher tent, another pair will spawn in the center of the arena. ALWAYS. These fellows will keep their distance and will shoot at you. One is no problem, they don't deal much damage and attack slowly, have little HP, and go down in two hits. Two can be annoying. Three will be a problem. Four or more and you should be worried. Keep them in check.

The Ravens


He carries a Bazooklaw and a Bulwark, he has a metal pegleg and always spawns in the middle of his trio. Pretty easy to spot, very easy to kill. He has the loot if you want it, so consider using some CHI to take him down. The bazooklaw will knock you back, though he doesn't use it all that often.

Rizzo's Guard

This guy has far more HP than Rizzo, can inflict zap with his weapons and carries a Vengious and Grandorsion. Definitely a beat stick, and will take an equally heavy beat stick to beat down.

Rizzo's Medic

This guy lands just below Runk on the annoying scale. He carries a distinct healing beamer and custom swamp gas launcher, which he uses, a lot. Take note that this fellow has no primary attacks but can heal Rizzo and his guard and his swamp gas is devilishly inconsistent. If you DO get poisoned, expect to take insignificant damage but lose complete control of your character. While you're running around choking on what's likely Cragger's canned farts, he won't waste any time healing his buddies. Keep him distracted or smash him!

Raven Grunt (Melee)

These spawn continuously in phases 1 and 2 of the boss fight, but not in 3. They are just like any normal grunt and will go down in 2 hits. Not too much of a threat, but they can keep you from attacking your intended target and too many will hurt quite a bit. They carry spears.

Raven Grunt (Blaster)

Slightly more dangerous than their melee cousins, these also will spawn continuously in phases 1 and 2, but can attack form a distance. 2 hits beats them down, so do just that! They carry spark arcs.

Raven Hunters

These guys dual wield blasters. Don't worry about them as they will ONLY spawn if you have a friend with you. They are only slightly tougher than the grunts and typically replace them in spawns.

Elite Raven Guards

These are your prime targets! They can be spotted immediately with their distinct Bulwark/Thundax combo, they also wear silver armor and have plenty of HP. You only need to smash one to finish phase 1, and a second to finish phase 2. They will follow you, they will attack you, and considering their HP bar, they will hurt you.

Raven Guards

These are nearly identical to the Elite Guards but wear gold armors instead (confrim?). These are the Hunter equivalent to melee grunts and will also only appear if you've brought friends along. They have much less HP, but can easily be mistaken for your actual target, the Elite Guards!

Raven Medic

He wields a blaster and a heart beamer. Not much of a physical threat but he can heal your Elite Guard, which is bad. Only one spawns at a time, only in phase 2, and there's a decent time delay between each spawn. Expect to have to smash at least 2-3 before proceeding to phase 3. Always deal with them as quickly as possible or juggle it with hives.

Part Three: The Loot

This is surprisingly important, as what you want will determine where you go.

First, a breakdown of who drops what:

Rukus (NOT RUNK)

  • Battle Master Chest Plate
  • Hive Guardian Platemail
  • Sky Plate
  • Groove Warden Vest of the Ranger
  • Sleepwalker Cloak
  • Supreme Heartrix Cannon
  • Rukus' Reaver (name/confirmation?)


  • Battle Master Plate Leggings
  • Hive Guardian Greaves
  • Sky Greaves
  • Groove Warden Leggings
  • Dread Fangius
  • Triage Beamer (level 9 for some reason... bug perhaps?)
  • unconfirmed drops?


  • Battle Master Helmet
  • Hive Helm
  • Sky Helm
  • Groove Warden Helmet
  • Shameless Tunic
  • Greaves of Greed
  • Bazooklaw (variants, level 20)
  • Cavoran Epaulettes
  • Guardian Wings
  • Wings of Acquisition
  • Eviscerax

Any additional drops will be catalogued when found - if you find a gold level drop not listed or find a gold level drop from a different boss then listed, please let me know - include stats as well so I can add it to the wiki pages, or add it yourself.

As is abundantly clear, if you want body armor or the cape, go to Rukus, if you want leggings, see Wilhurt, and if you want a helmet, Epaulettes or the Bazooklaw (who wouldn't), go pay Rizzo a visit.

Gold loot drops from the listed boss and sparkles gold - it sticks out like a sore thumb and is ALWAYS a blueprint. Keep 1-4 spaces open to pick it up!

Part Four: Putting it all into Practice

Rukus and Runk

Recommended equipment: High HP, Hive Launcher/Ranged distraction, Beatstick or Bazooklaw



Head to the Forest of Falling Leaves - Gorilla Grove NW pad.

Ignore any chests you find before passing through the blocking plants up north as any you find at this point will be low-level loot.

To the northwest is a small camp of croc grunts, they're low level so just OHKO them to get them out of your hair. Just north of there is a plant blocking your path - blow away the poison gas and pass straight north.

In the ruins ahead to your right will be a wooden blockade controlled by a switch - the left side leads to your destination, the right has 2 chests which will spawn a level 20 croc guardian when smashed - I recommend you ignore those and take the left path.

From here, beat up a small party of scouts, head to the left/west past the traps and make your way to the pressure plate up on the hill - this lowers the bridge which you will cross.

The next area has a small ruin blocked off by a gate - the switch is hidden under the large rock out front. There's a large chest inside, feel free to loot it if you want.

To the left of the ruins is a small lake and a path that loops around it.

There is one chest on each side of the loop, feel free to go for that farther one if you like, but the cave you seek is dead ahead guarded by some rhinos - be sure to hit the one on the docks with your hive launcher to keep him from getting a free shot at you!

Head into the cave!


For starters, the path into the arena is blocked by four spike traps, these will shoot up  TWICE each before resetting, and given average level 20 speed you can typically make it past two at a time. Attempting to cross more than two at once risks taking some hefty damage early.

Once past the traps you'll see some persuader plants ahead and spike traps - the bosses are farther in, so pick off the plants from a distance - you're doing this to clear up the arena and to drop potential hearts on the floor for later.

Dead ahead and slightly to your right is Runk - Bum rush him and hit him with a beehive as quick as you can, you CAN beat him to the first shot!

Now you can either beat him into submission, or proceed to attack Rukus, who has your loot. If you want to save time, I advise you go right for Rukus, as I will soon explain.

Now you need to master the art of juggling - which is why the Bazooklaw is so useful here - it will keep Rukus at arm's length - this will severely reduce the damage he can deal to you and minimize the odds of getting stunned!

Assuming you successfully struk Runk with a beehive, you should now have about 4 seconds of freetime to attack Rukus - you'll need to establish a pattern here - figure out how many hits, on average, you can fit into Rukus before Runk's beehive status wears off - typically this number is 3-4 hits depending on the speed of your weapon - you can play it safe and do 2 attacks per cycle, but if you can keep Runk on screen at all times you can safely fit in 3-4. Hit Rukus that many times (preferrably from a distance with a Bazooklaw so you don't have to chase him down!) and then immediately launch a new beehive at Runk to renew his beehive status.

CHI up at any time to speed up the process or to keep yourself from getting smashed.

Of course, it's very difficult to do this without making mistakes, as Runk does run fast when chased by killer bees, and he will often run offscreen. Typically when this happens, his beehive status wears off offscreen and he'll walk into attacking range (which is unfortunately the EXACT edge of the screen) - if this happens, 90% of the time he will get a good shot in on you, and quite often this lets him get in another... and another... If you find yourself getting tossed into a spike pit, CHI up to get back out and immediately focus on getting Runk back under control.

Keep this up and you shouldn't need too much to finish them off consistently.

Grab Rukus' loot and run - you're done here.

DO NOT bother summoning a medic, sniper, or grunt - they will only get knocked onto the spikes and smashed very quickly!

If playing with a friend, do NOT stand next to each other - this typically results in bad things happening to both of you instead of just one.




Recommended equipment: Bazooklaw/Blaster weapon, beat-stick

Of all the boss fights, Rizzo is likely the easiest - unfortunately the vast majority of his loot will be unusable - so expect to get a lot of items to resell here.


Begin by teleporting into Eagle's End in the far north of the Great Divide. From here, head west and folllow the path north. Directly to your east is a treasure chest - grab it if you like.

There will be a grapple node to a platform with a large spinning blade - at the far  end of this platform is another grapple node to the next area.

Dead ahead is a small squad of ravens as well as a single chest and a second chest blocked by a gate - the pressure plate is within plain view and is guarded by the same ravens. You can skip this fight if you run to the next area - a small path to the northeast leading to a raised bridge - the switch is also in plain sight.

NOTE - the raven grunts outside the cave will require a minimum attack of about 180 in order to smash in two hits, 175 or lower will typically require three hits! Inside the cave, the attack required to two-hit is lower, though.

Across the bridge there is a tower to the west that can be reached by grapple node with a chest, to the north is a dead end with a chest guarded by a powerful raven soldier, and to the east is your destination - head east, then south to the area blocked off by spike walls - you can open them by activating the pressure plate - inside is a small squad of ravens, a bunch of persuader plants, and your destination. (There are two more treasure locations if you're interested, one to the southwest of the ramp you came down guarded by two ravens, and another at the bottom of the runway with the spinning blades on a platform to the southeast that can be reached by grapple node).


Once inside the cave, a series of four spinning blades block your path - the movement pattern to get through safely is strange and hard to explain, but can be learned fairly easily.

Once in the arena, there are a handful of persuader plants and a few smashables - take them ALL out before proceeding to the northern area with the enemies, leaving behind all hearts for pickup later!

In the northern area will be two raven grunts and your first elite guard - occasionally the second set of raven grunts will have already spawned, giving you five total enemies instead of three, though this is uncommon.

At this point, you have a choice to make - CHI-up or not. I suggest you CHI-up here right away - This should allow you to one-hit all of the grunts and take a chunk out of the guard without losing much HP in the process and will save plenty of time. Once this guard goes down, you will move onto phase two.

Phase two has the same goal as phase one - smash the elite guard that spawns. This time he will spawn in the southern half of the arena - grunts will spawn faster and medics will also spawn in the southern area - you will need to juggle these enemies.

Focus primarily on keeping the medics down when they spawn, take out grunts when two or more (especially those with blasters) gang up on you. All the while, try slipping in as many hits to the guard as possible - if you happen to be using a Hive Launcher (not manditory by any means) you might want to send the guard running away to deal with the medic, or send the medic away to beat down the guard - do not CHI-up in this phase as you won't have enough time to recharge before Rizzo spawns.

When the second guard goes down, Rizzo will spawn in the far north end of the arena. To the left will be the medic, to the right will be the guard.

Now you have two primary options - smash Rizzo, take his loot, and run - or smash all three ravens.

To take out all three Ravens, focus on the Medic first, sending the guard (not Rizzo) away with a Hive Launcher and beat down on the Medic. The beehive-d enemy will cause the medic to focus on healing and NOT on spamming you with fear gas, allowing you to attack more often. Next smash Rizzo, then finally the guard - it's all very straightforward. Keep the guard distracted or the medic distracted - the former can zap you, the latter can inflict fear.

If you are here to get the loot and get out fast, then CHI-up asap (even if they aren't on screen) to prevent the medic from hitting you with fear gas - then charge straight for Rizzo - remember he is the one in the middle, the one with the bazooklaw and bulwark and silver pegleg. Attack him nonstop and if your DPS is high enough (200+ should work) you can smash Rizzo, even with the medic healing, before your CHI wears off - grab the gold loot and run. That's it, nothing complicated, just hammer away - the Bazooklaw allows you to just hold down the attack button and don't let go. If the medic does start healing him and you think you won't be able to finish him off in time, consider distracting the medic with Beehives, hitting the guard to draw away healing, or simply change strategy - otherwise no complications at all - just smash and grab.

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